Monday, August 6, 2012

I Am So Happy!

Dear Family,
Okay Mom, you better have put that picture up on the blog of me and Sister Stacey... I love that picture. Thank you for the messages from the texts. I wrote Annie today, and later tonight I will write Kiley. I'll send the letters to our home address and can you mail them off? Let me know, or text them and say they should come by and get letters from me :) Oh Mom, I am so happy! Especially happy because I've been having dreams of my students, and I haven't heard anything from them, and I pled with Heavenly Father that I would just like to hear from one of them. Well, Ginger, she was one of my sweet students :) Text her back and tell her I love her so much and hope she has a wonderful 5th grade year, please.
So proud of you with "A Night on Moon Hill" it sounds great, and I know that lots of people are going to read it. You should do as many book signings as you can, and even in California. Tell Dad to be strong and not come to see me, I would only get homesick, and I DON'T WANT THAT. I only have a year and a half to devote my entire time to the Lord, and then I'll spend all my time helping, laughing, and (**inside family joke here**), he he. How is "School of Guardians" coming? I love that book so much!
Meeting President and Sister Godwin was such a treat, and President Godwin reminds me a lot of Dad. We greenies got to spend a day just with them and have some spiritual lessons, meet with President, and stay the night with our companions one last time. Well, when Sister Brinkerhoff and I were getting ready for bed and getting supplies from the garage where our luggage was, President Godwin turned off the lights and growled. It was so funny! Also, he used me as a lesson about always staying with your companion (even if they want to see an R-rated movie), and I totally got my teacher on. Let's just say I was an entertainment. The next day we all met our trainers, and I love Sister Stacey. She is fun, calm, and willing to work hard.
It's been a challenging, slow week, and all of our appointments with investigators fell through, but I am still keeping the faith. I know that as I am learning from Sister Stacey, applying what I learn about how to approach and teach, someone will be receptive. There are some former investigators who want us to come by, so we'll see how that goes this week. One of our neighbors, Rosemary, is hilarious, and we sing hymns with her and pray with her. She's really a devoted Catholic, though, so we'll see if she would be willing for us to "practice" the lessons on her. The ward members are great, and so kind. At dinner last night with the Rauches I found out that the wife, I can't remember her name, her aunt and uncle are Connie and Al Buyers! Oh my gosh, small world. Also, Bishop's daughter-in-law, is Beth Yates, who I worked with on mentoring for Brad Wilcox.
Sister Stacey has had a little bit of a challenging weekend. She's been feeling really stressed with training, and I am just so gung ho about everything it is wearing her down. I need to be patient and take a step back so she can get her fire back too. Her blessing last night really helped calm her, and I hope it starts going better. I just want her to be happy.
One last thing. A miracle that happened actually on the plane to Ontario. I was the only missionary to sit next to a nonmember, and his name was Malcom. We talked about his profession and where he lived, and what he does. Well, I eventually asked him about his religious beliefs and we talked about that. The spirit was hitting me really strong at that point to give him a Book of Mormon, but I was so scared. Well, after the turbulance hit hard, I knew I would regret it if I didn't extend the invitation, so I asked Malcom if he wanted to know more about Christ, and he said..."Yes I would." !!!!! Shakingly, I handed it to him, told him to read 3 Nephi 9-18 which is all about Christ and he put it in his bag. I hope he reads it!
The Church is true and I love this gospel. I love you all!

Sister Mills

(She added a couple of pictures, but they were copies of two I'd already posted.) 


  1. Where are the pictures? Lol. I'm glad you posted on FB about Alison's blog. I will be back to check it often.

    1. Wonderful. Hopefully, she'll figure out how to send us pictures and I can post a lot more.