Monday, September 24, 2012

A Tough Week

(Sister Mills and her companion were rushed in getting off to a sisters' activity, and she didn't have time to write the regular "Family" letter, so here are bits and pieces from her letter to me.)

Dear Mom,
I mised you all a lot too. I was well taken care of yesterday; a kind family in the ward made a delicious meal and Skor bar cake! 

...Also, I loved the birthday box and all the pictures, the apple, and the candy!! Most important, I loved the letters! Thank you, thank you! And what a cute idea for a birthday cake sometime. It is so creative! What is the metal thing? To make the petals, I assume?
It is so awesome what you learned from 3 Nephi 17, and how Jesus Christ really does show us how to be gospel teachers.
...Wow, a baby boy! What great news! I haven't had an opportunity to write Jenepher from her previous letter, I'll try to write her today. I'll keep Jenepher in my prayers and hope that her health gets better. And, tell Cameron congratulations! He'll be a wonderful missionary, and I know that he will love Peru.  
...Sadly, the Carrillo's were very busy this week. They had car troubles Monday, so the lesson fell through, and then with Brother Carrillo getting another job, he had to work Saturday. The baptism didn't happen. It was really sad. We did have a miracle though yesterday. Chris's mom was home and we chatted about the busy schedule, and we set up an appointment to teach Chris a little more. We will set another date tonight, but with the General Relief Society broadcast and conference coming up, our weekends are few. His baptism may be in 3-4 weeks, but it will happen. 

Dan and Anna lost their apartment, they both don't have jobs, and we haven't heard from them since Tuesday. All I know to do is pray for them that they will each find a job. Sister Kagle is doing really well! She read 1 Nephi 4-11 and was so excited she called us! Her goal is to get to church once a month and she is planning on going to the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday, which is awesome! That was totally the highlight for the week. Danny is okay, though he's really questioning about Joseph Smith. It is really hard teaching him because he is so intellectual, but maybe something will click. We left him Alma 32 to read, so having a discussion about that will be interesting.
You are right, we do have the Lord on our side, and I will recommit to looking to find those who are prepared. I've actually stopped reading Isaiah, and am just going to focus on the lesson we'll be teaching and the Plan of Salvation. I'll start up with Isaiah again in a couple months. Thank you for the suggestions about pondering and using faith as I study and teach. I'll focus on testifying and pray to glean one thing from my studying for this week... I know that I can do hard things, but I've got to have faith in me. Heavenly Father has really blessed me with faithful parents who are committed to the gospel and show by their examples how to keep enduring to the end.
...I didn't have enough time to write the "family" letter. I'll do that next week. I better write dad!

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