Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 2 of Transfer 6

Dear Family,
Okay, now to the miracles of the week. I'm going to try this new approach where I go day by day and share a miracle per day:
Monday, February 25th, 2013: Today was P-DAY and we recieved 2 referrals from Salt Lake: Randall Russell and Paula. More about both of them later. Sadly, we haven't been able to contact Deborah, she must be out of town or ignoring us. Hope it is the former. And our dinner appointment became lunch, so the miracle of that was that the Becars, who were having us over for FHE, also made a delicious meal their daughter worked on all afternoon, so we were hungry for that too! The Lord works in mysterious ways :)
Tuesday, February 26th, 2013: Though it wasn't P-Day, we were blessed to walk through a musuem (a free one, as well, because it was in a less active woman's house). Her husband has a thing for themes and decor, so each wall was full of artifacts and portraits from a different era and place. There was a Chinese bathroom, an old school cowboy room, a French wall, a WWII library, an English wall, an old organ (Dad you would die), and a whole room for ships and sailing. Made me miss my students :( It was amazing to visit with Helen, and she felt the love of God with us being so excited to have a tour. She wants to feed us too! What an incredible house (next time we go, I'll have to take pictures).
Wednesday, February 27th, 2013: We had 3 lessons with less actives! Miracle! Though no lesson happened with investigators, as we were hoping for, and Marcus Jr, and Jalen are being detered by their mother and the infamous Rock Church, we were so blessed to teach three wonderful members of our ward. One family we haven't had a chance to talk to before, so that was a wonderful miracle to have that door opened to us. Hopefully, he and his wife will come back to church. Also, I recieved a beautiful card from Kiley and in it she told me some very sad news. Caleb broke up with her a while ago, but she is still suffering miserably. Mom, would you put her name on the prayer roll at the temple, please? She could use it.
Thursday, February 28th, 2013: Tonight we had another lesson with Christy Andrews, and this time we had Brother Larsen from our bishopric teach the Plan of Salvation. He answered her questions and they got along really well. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, and every night we text her and she texts us what she has read. She is on fire! I knew the impression to read the Book of Mormon with the intent to see God's love was inspired, because that is the challenge Brother Larsen gave to Christy. She is such an amazing woman and is growing by leaps and bounds. And, Semba Roberts, whom I had never met, came to ward correlation (he's a ward missionary) and determined to be active again. Keep his wife in your prayers, since she is a little less ready.
Friday, March 1st, 2013: Today we were given a few more referrals and contacted one of them. One was Paula. Her daughter answered and we taught her a little of the Plan of Salvation. She committed to read the pamphlet and to have questions ready when we came back. It was a good day, and we got to draw a sidewalk chalk outline of the Plan of Salvation!
Saturday, March 2nd, 2013: After a good meeting with Bishop, we went to contact Randall Russell. At first glance we thought, "Homeless weirdo," but as we gave him the DVD he requested, and he talked about his faith and desire to be taught, our minds and hearts were humbled and we saw him as his Heavenly Father sees him: as a son of God. He seems like he is really interested and wants to understand the gospel. This week hopefully we will have a new investigator! Also, we have the opportunity as provided by Brother Moody (WML) to teach the ward missionaries the missionary lessons so they can feel more comfortable with teaching the investigators and recent converts. We taught the Restoration and it went really well. Everyone loves the visuals we have for it and they all participated.
The most special miracle happened after our zone met for a kickoff of our zone fast to find new investiagators (350 baptisms goal is a little short). I have a cold and wanted a blessing. I asked my newly called district leader, who knows nothing about me or my struggles (unless sisters have told him). I asked for a blessing of healing, but the blessing was more a blessing of comfort. Things that Elder Werner had no idea about were brought up just for me. In the blessing I was told that the Lord is really proud of the missionary I am and the work I am doing. He knows I am working hard (that was so comforting because on paper and numbers- wise, it doesn't look like we are doing much). Then I was told that the Lord is aware of my struggles and how hard it is for me at times. Tears stremed down my face at that time, such a tender mercy from God. I was reminded of my infinite worth. The Lord has confidence in me and my abilities. It was the blessing I so longed to hear so many times before, and when I least expected it, when I am on a high, it was the blessing I recieved. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I love him so much.
Sunday, March 3rd, 2013: Fast and Testimony meeting. I felt very strongly to bear my testimony and I am so grateful I did. Also, though we weren't feeling super well, we were impressed to visit Paula, whose lesson at 1 p.m. fell through. We caught her home at 3:30 and had a wonderful visit. More details in President's letter :) She is an amazing woman and I feel as she and her daughter learn together they will want to make covenants together and their relationship will grow.
Hector had to cancel this week, but I am sure he is still reading, and he still wants to meet with us. We don't know what is happening with Marcus and Jalen, but Patrick Foley is committed to have us teach them with their mom (the stumbling block) so that she can see what they are being taught. Thanks for all the prayers! All is well though, I am well!
Sister Allison Mills
Letter to President,
Dear President,
This week picked up quite a bit, and we were super blessed with headquarters referrals. Most of them are pretty legit too! One in particular is a miracle, and if he gets baptized, his conversion story would be amazing. Randall Russell is in the process of moving and while he was going through his things, he came across a "finding faith in Christ" card, and called to get a copy. We showed up at his door the next day. He was shocked, for sure. He thought the DVD wouldn't be delivered until the next week. As we talked, we saw before our eyes a child of God, though forelorn and dirty, who has such a love for God and a thirst for the knowledge of the gospel. He told us he wants to be taught once things slow down and he is relocated. We were blessed to meet him.

Another miracle this week was also from a referral. Her name is Paula, and her greatest desire is to help her teenage daughter feel the love of God more abundantly. Their relationship is nonexistent, and it pains her so. As she told us of her struggles and tears wet her face, we were both touched to share a little about the Plan of Salvation and how the gospel of Jesus Christ does bless families. I have found that when we listen and follow the promptings of the Spirit, that is when the how to begin teaching bullet points, and other doctrines we are to teach, naturally flow. Nothing should be forced, since then the Spirit can't reside. He isn't the teacher if we force. The Spirit was really strong in our lesson, and she is excited to have us come again this week to teach her and her daughter. 

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