Monday, October 22, 2012

A Beautiful Baptism!

Dear Family,
We got our transfer calls yesterday, and actually, Sister Stacey and I are both staying in Fontana, but we are moving apartments. We are both super excited because we love the Oleander Ward, miracles are happening, and we have started a new weekly planning method as initiated by Elder C. Scott Grow, and we want to see it in action together. Our prayers were heard. We don't know where until Tuesday, so just mail the ballot to the mission office, and all other letters there until I can let you know what our new address is. Hopefully we are moving to an upgrade. It will be sad to leave Rosemary but we can still visit her since she will be in our area. What a funny woman she is. Wow, that is so cool about the stake changes. It is true, the Church is the same everywhere you go and it is wonderful the work is expanding :D
Chris's baptism was absolutely beautiful, and his inactive brother gave the prayer. His two older brothers didn't come, but most of the family was there, and Chris was really happy. He gave Sister Stacey and me each a note of thanks, which we will cherish forever. I love the Carrillo family, and our ward should be starting up a temple prep class soon to help families like them make it a goal to attend the temple and having the work done for them. Attached are some of the pictures taken at the baptism :) I'm so glad you were thinking of him, and for all the prayers you utter in his and his family's behalf. They are being blessed as they are living the principles of the gospel.

We have been able to recieve a few more referrals, and one is for a less-active man's wife in our ward, and she seems ready to take the lessons and progress. This less-active man, Manny, also gave us referrals for another woman he administered the priesthood to, so hopefully we will get in contact with her soon; we just can't find her apartment too well, ha ha. I really like this rescue effort and this finding opportunity through less-actives; it makes sense since they know and associate the most with nonmembers. It will bring fruit as we put our faith and works into it. (more about this in the letter attached to the President)
Sadly, two people dropped us. One was Cheli, a promising woman, who just won't accept anything but the Bible--it's frustrating! When she told us that she wants to believe only in her church, I felt like crying. It breaks my heart to know that people who are so close to being prepared don't accept. Cheli prayed a day before we knocked on her door for spiritual direction, yet she didn't take that as enough of a sign. At least a seed was planted. The other drop came from a husband of the interested wife, Crystal. The Elders gave us  this referral, but her husband said that as the head of the house he doesn't want us coming back. We left a pamphlet with him and invited them to look up He told us that being in Iraq made him lose his faith in God. I mentioned that you Mom lived there and that was only when he seemed open to accepting anything and researching more. We will see what happens. If we see his wife ever outside her home we are stopping by though :)
I guess that is how missionary work is though--some drops, and lots of miracles and tender mercies. Really, when you are in the service of your fellowmen you don't remember the bad parts, only the good. Sister Stacey and I both gave talks on service yesterday in Sacrament Meeting, and the spirit was really strong. I'm learning a lot more about serving and doing it with love. I can slowly see myself starting to become a disciple of Christ. I know this gospel is true, that Jesus is the Christ, and that the doctrines and ordinances set up anciently are restored to the earth through a modern day prophet.
Yes, it is getting colder, so I"ll have to buy a coat sometime and actually another pair of jeans because my jeans shrunk in the wash! Ahh! How glad I am to be in the USA where convienences are nearby.
Here is the letter to President Godwin:
Dear President Godwin,

This week has had its ups and downs. It seems like the greatest weeks must have those, to help remind us of the opposition in all things. However, I know that as I look back on this week, I'll remember the good that came from it, rather than the bad. This week has been a refiner's fire, and I've learned a lot about me as a person, as a missionary, and as a teacher. I have loved delving more into the Book of Mormon and reading the chapters that answer the questions of the soul, and seeing how simple and beautiful the Book of Mormon truly is. I've also been reading "Our Heritage," and learning more about the sacrifices of the early saints and my forebears inspires me to keep going and keep the faith. Those early pioneers, Joseph Smith, the faithful twelve, Hyrum, and Emma, all are a light to me of the woman I want to become. Their service will never be forgotten, especially not by me.

Sister Stacey and I gave talks this Sunday on service, and I love how much I learn about the principle or doctrine from studying it and then teaching it. I realized that I am totally commited to the Savior, and in my testimony I even said that though it will be hard at times to follow Christ, I will do it. God, angels, and the Oleander ward are my witnesses, so I better keep that commitment :) The Spirit is growing in our ward, especially as our ward council is focusing on the rescue efforts that Elder Grow wants us all to implement. I have a miracle to share about this principle. Earlier this week we visited a less-active man and his family. His wife is not a member, but thanks to her dear friend, who goes to our ward, and with the love and support of her husband, she is willing and ready to take the lessons. Also, this man, Manny, gave us two referrals, and we are hoping to see both of them soon! Elder Grow's promise was right, and my testimony grew stronger of the divinity of the apostles and leaders of the Church.

Another miracle this week was Chris Carrillo's baptism. His inactive brother, Aaron, gave a beautiful prayer at the end, the Spirit was so strong, and the family was angelic. I knew this was the time for Chris to be baptized and he was just so happy. It made me remember my baptism and how happy I was after being baptized and confirmed. I wish the whole world could know this happiness. Two people dropped us this week, one because her husband is not supportive in the slightest, and another because she believes nothing can be added to the Bible, and it broke my heart. I never before wanted to cry when being dropped, but this time I did, and I truly believe I did because my heart is expanding in love for the people we are teaching. These truly are God's children. It's hard to see someone not accept the gospel or even give us a chance, but I know that we are planting seeds for future times.
I love being on the Lord's errand, and I'm learning so much about life. I realize that I do have talents that need to be shared, and that there are some people that were just for me, and I think Chris was one of them. His whole family is changing, and we have a goal to get them to the temple. I know that as Sister Stacey and I have another transfer together we will see miracles, and the goals we have set with the Lord in our weekly planning (and they are some pretty high goals) will be met as the Lord sees fit.
Sister Allison Mills
P.S. Also attached is a picture of the apartment, long past over due ha ha. And for Jason--tell David how excited I am for him. I'm really proud of you and all you are accomplishing. Bring on the week baby!


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