Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference Was Wonderful!

Dear Family,
Conference was wonderful and I really liked the talk about faith and how we must hold on to the cords of faith as we travel through this life, or we will fall. We got to watch it at the stake center and Brother Carrillo came to both sessions on Saturday, and listened to the sessions on Sunday with his family. Chris is doing really well and the Carrillo's are excited for the 20th. Brother Carrillo has another job interview, this time with the post office that I hope he will get. Keep him in your prayers. Chris is doing really well, and when we asked him why he wanted to be baptized he said that he wanted to have the Spirit all the time with him. I did not expect that answer, and it brought tears to my eyes. He is truly a spiritual giant and a wonderful influence on his inactive brothers and on his friends. He even made sure to include most of his family in the baptismal service :)
I'm learning a lot more about conversion and how to seek and follow the Holy Spirit in this work. Also, as I have been honest in my accounting to the Lord I feel the power of the atonement. It transcends mortality. It is thanks to the Spirit that Sister Stacey and I were able to have a wonderful conversation with a man named David, and read to him from Joseph Smith's testimony, and that he desires to learn more. We are only instruments in this work, and I am really humbled that the Lord trusts me to serve His children.
This week our zone has a really lofty goal, and that is to contact our investigators daily and to be 100% in following up with our leaders about our contacting efforts. I doubted when we received the text that outlined the goal, but I felt much peace as I got down on my knees and asked for forgiveness for my unbelief. I know that as we try to contact our investigators we will be blessed for our efforts. Some like TJ and Ivette are not available this week, with family complications or being on vacations, but our prayers can be with them. TJ was only here for a week, but we taught him 2 lessons and he gave a beautiful prayer. He truly desires to know if the Church is the path Heavenly Father wants him to take. I know that as he continues to read from the Book of Mormon and search, he will get the answer he desires.
Danny has been hard to get a hold of, but we'll keep trying. I really loved how conference emphasized knowing through our feelings, and as we testify, I trust that Danny's heart will be softened. Freddy is also hard to get a hold of, but we are going to do our best to see him and find out his questions and concerns. Tonight, though, we have an opportunity to teach Nicole, a 13-year-old we tracted into and I hope, with the added witness of a girl in our ward's testimony, Nicole will want to learn more and see that the gospel can help her.
Rosemary has needed a lot of service this week, but I love being around her because she has a calmness around her as we visit. She is one of the most giving women I know, and makes me laugh. She gave Sister Stacey and me both a glass heart to put on a necklace. She told us to keep all the gifts she gives us so we don't forget her, but I know I never could. Sadly, she is really stressed all the time and unhappy. If only she would let us teach her, but she is devout Catholic and told us she doesn't want to learn about LDS principles. Yet, she agrees with all the things we do teach. And the Spirit is working on her. I know one day she will accept.
Thank you for all the prayers and love. I am ready to go and excited for the work ahead. We get a wonderful opportunity to participate in the mission tour and C. Scott Grow is coming, so I'll be sure to attach pictures in the next letter. I am doing really well and relying more and more on my Savior, and He is upholding me.
Tell Jessica that if she goes, she will be a wonderful missionary and that as she follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit she will never go astray. I'm so proud of her. I'm very excited for James, Christian, and the thousands of others who are going to serve. I'll probably have a younger companion, and that will be great :)

Sister Allison Mills

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  1. Hi Sister Mills.. we wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you. Ryann is having a great 5th grade year with Ms. Hutchens. We hope all is well on your mission.. and you are learning about & teaching lots of people. We are always praying for the Missionaries.. and that includes you! Lots of Love.. The Petersons