Monday, November 5, 2012

A Lot of Help From the Lord

Dear Family,
So glad you are doing well, Mom, and got home safe and sound! Also, I admire you so much, so determined to finish Guardians and setting those goals and accomplishing them so you can reach them. I want to be more like you. I'm more determined after reading your letter to meet my goal that the Lord has asked me to try for which is 10 baptisms by the end of the year. Sister Stacey and I are having a lot of help from the Lord and we are meeting more people who are showing an interest in the gospel. Some highlights from the week are: (next week I'll write more, but there isn't as much time today)
~We got a media referral for Veronica Frando who lost her daughter to cancer and had a lot of questions about life after death, and we were able to answer her questions through the Spirit. She is excited to keep meeting with us.

~We set a baptismal date with Tyler Owens and his sister Nosa (November 24th)--two children from a less active family who want to be baptized. Much like the situation with the Carrillo's, and their parents are showing an interest in progressing in the gospel too

~Ward council went really well and, as directed by President Sears and with the promptings of the Holy Ghost, we were able to come up with names that we can focus on to rescue. I learned from that the importance of counseling together and really focusing on the person and their needs. Even cooler was the fact that members of the ward council were going to those people or their family members before church started and friendshipping them. President Sears was right when he said that the real work comes after the meetings.

~We met Wisdom Gonzalez--a daughter of a less active woman in our ward and set a baptismal date with her. Sadly, she moved out of her mom's house this week and we aren't quite sure where she is permanently. Hopefully her baptism will still happen.

~Set a lot of appointments with people

~Manny Hernandez (in our ward)'s wife has started taking the lessons and has a baptismal date as well! She knows that she has to come to church and together we had a fast that her boss would allow her to go to church--and he did for this next week. Fasting, coupled with a focused prayer works miracles.

~I survived my first Bible bashing!

~We met Itzel, who really wants to learn more with her family from the Spanish Elders, and she could tell that we had the truth because of our smiles.

~While helping the Elders in another ward with finding, we met Mario and taught him the restoration and answered some questions just in a park. He gladly took the Book of Mormon and wants us to come over for dinner and to continue talking about the Book of Mormon. His big hang up is that he doesn't believe there is a God, but we told him to pray to Heavenly Father and ask if there is a God, and his answer will come. He seemed open to reading and asking.
I really like what Elder Clarke said--The Book of Mormon is truly the best book and should be used often. Also, it is in service you find happiness. I look at my companion and how she serves me by listening to me and how the zone leaders serve me by humoring my quirkyness, and I know that they are happy because they are anxiously engaged in a good cause. This work is very overwhelming and I still don't really have an idea about what I am doing, but the best days are those when I am focused on others.
Sister Mills 

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