Monday, February 4, 2013

Love You!

Dear Family,
This letter is going to be short because I need to let Sister Laalaai on soon. Speaking of her, here are some of the funny things and interesting facts about my companion:
  • She loves sewing and back at home sews wedding dresses and many other clothing items
  • Her family lives in Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand
  • She is the 7th of 10 children (8 girls and 2 boys)
  • If someone is rude to anyone she loves, watch out, she defends her own
  • One of her favorite ways to relax is to watch the moon and stars at night (a favorite pastime with her mom back at home). So glad we have a good view of the stars here in Devore. Sadly, some cloudy days happened this week. But today is nice and clear!
  • She does amazing tribal art
  • Like me, she says sorry for everything, even when we have made a mistake to an inanimate object. It's been really funny to see a quirk you have in someone else :)
  • She converted to the gospel when she was 13! Her conversion story is so cool! She was taught by the missionaries for a week straight, accepted everything really quickly (thanks to good member friends) and was baptized that weekend! Due to the changes her parents saw in her after 2 and 4 years, her mom and dad converted too! Other than her parents, and 3 younger sisters, no one else in her family is LDS.
I'll write more about her next letter too--I'm still learning about her, and our relationship is building. 

We had some great success this week, even with the flu bug that visited Sister Laalaai. She is feeling much better after a day and a half of sleep. 

One of our successes was on Friday. We had no planned lessons, but by listening to the promptings of the Spirit, we were led to a street where we taught one boy the message of the restoration. He didn't want to be taught anymore, but we gave him a Book of Mormon, and we honestly believe one day he will call the missionaries. Later that same day, we went to visit Juanita, an investigator we haven't been able to see this whole transfer. She was home and welcomed us in, and she and her son listened to the lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was so strong, and she made a strong commitment to come to church with her son. And on Sunday she and her son, David, came! They were unfamiliar with a lot of the service, and I didn't explain the sacrament as well as I could have, but amidst my weakness of trying to be perfect on my own, the Spirit still touched Juanita. She told us she felt good afterward, and that next week she wants to come again and stay for all 3 hours! David didn't seem as excited, but I think once he goes to Mutual he will feel differently. He was such a good listener though, and he really liked the picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall. I told him the chapters to read to go along with the picture, and he started peeking through right then. I felt bad I did that during Sacrament Meeting, especially during the testimonies. Sometimes I get so excited I don't think about when would be the best time to do things. That's why we are here though, to learn and become better.
We hope to see more of our investigators, and like you said, Dad, those that we did drop will be picked up by future missionaries. I also like what you said, Mom, about how when we drop them, Satan does too, so that when they are feeling stronger the missionaries can come back and invite them again to make covenants. And, I really liked that quote at the end by Kathy. 

The week was longer, and slower, but the experience Friday night for example, made the week really great. And, we had a wonderful zone conference! the best part of that day was when President told me in our interview that I was glowing, and that he has never seen me so happy. It made me realize that I can glow and be my best self. It's in the smile, as you say, Dad. I still have a lot to improve on, and I am trying to see that as a postive thing. Can you pray for me that I will be okay with making mistakes and learning from them? You're in my prayers as well :)  

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