Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Disappointments

Dearest Mom,
I am so glad Enok is home and happy :) He was so tiny, but so beautiful! Oh wow. I just love that little guy. I'm so jealous you get to hold him... Can't believe Mandy and Emily are pregnant! Amazing. That's wonderful about Lacey and James, they will be incredible.
Our investigators are sadly not doing too well. We haven't been able to get hold of Juanita, though we dropped notes off and called. We worry she is avoiding us or we said something wrong. Desirae also had a tragedy. On February 11th, her baby Isaiah died--SIDS. She told us she didn't want to see us again. Then a few days later she called and asked for our help with a car wash to help raise money for the funeral. I admire how she has stayed so strong, considering. A lot of people came, and the Elders helped out a ton, so there were quite a lot of donations they got. Right now we are just grateful she wants us to still be a part of her life. Maybe down the road her heart will open again to the gospel, but at least she knows we are here and the ward is supportive.
It was a slower past couple weeks, and these tragedies put a damper on things, but there were still miracles. Two Sundays ago we got two new investigators, Marcus Jr, and his brother Jalen (Marcus Stocklin's biological sons). They went to Church and after learning about the priesthood, got super excited to recieve it. They have a baptismal date for March 16th, and the ward is really excited to fellowship them. We haven't been able to see them since last Sunday, but with a will, there is a way. Their dad isn't progressing right now; he got a new job and is going to be out of town for 16 weeks, so the ward is going to be their main sources of support. We hope we can have a lesson with them this week.
Yes, transfers are this week. 7 sisters are coming in and about 20+ elders. The influx is starting! Sister Lalaai and I are still staying in Hallmark ward, and I'm still junior companion. 
Please be safe in Mesa, and have a lot of fun. Mom, you are incredible. I think about how I want to grow up and be like you.
Can't wait to hear how the Whitney's go! Yay!! And Academy of the Ancients sounds so cool :)

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