Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 5!

Dear Family,

I'm glad you all are home safe and sound and the kitties are purring nicely again. Our P-Day is today again since today is the last sisters' activity for this mission, and what better way to end it than going to the temple! Last week was wonderful, and yes, Jason, I do feel a little nostalgic when I'm in there. I remember all those trips to the Redlands temple on Sundays; some of my favorite memories. 

Some highlights from the week because there isn't much time sadly, since we have to go in 10 minutes to travel to the temple and then the rest of our day is booked with appointments :D   

Jody and Marshal got to go to Florida and enjoy a Christmas vacation with their extended family. We haven't been able to talk with them, but Jody and hopefully Marshal are still planning on being baptized on the 12th, a few  days before Sister Bowen departs. I hope it happens so she can have a final baptism before she leaves! 

Brother Moody is getting really organized, and I was able to get some more practice in teaching the plan of salvation with some of his children and grandchildren yesterday. They are starting to come back to church. 

Sister Bowen and I helped another sister in our ward clean her garage before she left with her daughter to take her to BYU-I, and right before that we felt impressed to go see a Lindsey Shepherd listed in the ward. It was Brother and Sister Shepherd's daughter, from the Woodcrest ward. Mom, Dad, I'm sure you remember them. She said we could come back after the holidays. She's married but her husband's not a member, I think, and we haven't seen her at church. Maybe this is the time for her and her husband to come back. 

Also, we may have a potential family of 18, yep 18, who are interested in the church. I'll tell the story next week...

Yes, Sister Bowen goes home next week :( She is so competent and I'm really going to miss her. Whoever comes in has big shoes to fill. 

There's a lot on my mind, but no time. It was wonderful seeing you all on Christmas! Glad you helped Grandma and Grandpa so much--I want to be able to do that too for you all as I grow up. I love you all, and will write more next week. I'll keep Cortney Smith in my prayers.

Sister Allison Mills

(And here are some pictures she sent home. They were helping the YW in their ward make gingerbread houses.)

The YW and their leaders

Allison with hers

Sister Bowen with hers

(And one more thing to share: her video of the Elders performing the "Haka" a month or so ago. This was the traditional Maori war dance that Jason based one of his Sister Mills cartoons on)

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